Boost your testosterone levels the natural way.
Written by John Linfoot on Oct. 17th 2018
Would you like to recover faster from your workouts, build more muscle, speed up your metabolism and burn more fat? 

Then you need to increase your testosterone levels.
Testosterone plays a massive part in determining how ripped you can get. If you want to epic results, you should find ways to increase your testosterone production.
You don't need expensive supplements, and you definitely don't need risky drugs. Here is what I take to increase my testosterone levels:
Broccoli: It contains powerful estrogen-cutting chemicals, which helps me retain more testosterone. Cabbage and brussels sprouts are also good at cutting estrogen levels.
Healthy fats (monounsaturated): I like avocados and nuts. These assist in the production of testosterone.
Oysters: despite hating the taste of oysters, they contain huge amounts of zinc. It's a must to have the recommended daily intake (RDI) of zinc because it aids testosterone and muscle production. When I can't stomach an oyster I go with beans and lean meats instead.
Eggs: Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol so I like having eggs several times a week.
Garlic: It inhibits cortisol, which is an enemy to testosterone. The best defence from cortisol, however, is to reduce stress.
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Link is on this page! It's a great place for motivation collaboration, information and support from other gay men.
Important note: I'm not a dietician and I don't advise you to consume the above foods. I'm simply listing what I personally eat for the purpose of increasing natural testosterone levels. Please be mindful of your allergies and intolerances when choosing a nutritional strategy.

Jonny Linfoot

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